How accurate are my results?

All of the laboratories that process our tests are ICMR certified laboratories. All of the home sample collection testing kit we offer has been thoroughly validated against traditional testing conducted in doctor’s offices and clinics. These labs comply with all regulations regarding laboratory testing in addition to performing frequent internal quality checks and testing, as well as regular inspections and validation of the accuracy of their testing.

How secure is your data?

Customer information is only shared with the third-party lab and physicians that are a part of our testing process, except where a customer has consented to sharing the information with one of our enterprise partners.
Under no circumstance do we ever sell our customers’ data, and we use state-of-the-art, bank-grade encryption to ensure data security.

Do I need to have a prescription to order a test?

Under ICMR and state regulations, testing varies by state and requires a written or electronic request for patient testing. The exception to this regulation is those states that allow Direct Access Testing (DAT), which allows consumers to test without a physician-authorized requisition such as Maharashtra. Arogya Sewa provides you with offline paper based questionnaire and online questionnaire before booking for lab test. The questionnaire asks information about your current symptoms. This questionnaire will be assessed by the testing laboratory before conducting your test. In Maharashtra, everyone is allowed to take the test. For questions regarding this matter, please contact Arogya Sewa at We currently cover cities with COVID – 19 testing laboratories.

Do I need to use my real name on Arogya Sewa account?

Yes, you need to use your real name and information for your Arogya Sewa account and purchases. Health services such as lab testing need to be provided using your real information and identity, and using a false identity could impact Arogya Sewa’s ability to provide services to you. Our policies do not permit false identities to be used. Arogya Sewa does not disclose personal information except as permitted under our privacy policy.

What happens to my sample once processing in complete?

A number of our panels use the entire sample volume to perform the testing. If there is a portion of the sample left over after testing is completed, then it is held (usually a week to two weeks) in the event retesting is needed. The sample is then disposed of appropriately in accordance with biological specimen disposal standards (incinerated).

Payment Option:

Do insurance companies cover this test?

Unfortunately, no. We are not contracted with any insurance companies at this time. This is an at-home health test that doesn’t require an office visit. However, Arogya Sewa tests are typically priced lower than out-of-pocket costs associated with such visits. We are also in talks with the insurance providers, and you will be updated once we collaborate.

Refund, Cancellation and Replacement Policy:

The following policy applies for purchases made through If you purchased your COVID-19 test kit at Amazon or another authorized retailer, please speak with a representative from the original place of purchase. Arogya Sewa must adhere to their policies and procedures. Kits purchased through any unauthorized reseller are not eligible for any refund, cancellation or replacement. In order to be eligible for a refund, cancellation or replacement, customers must provide a proof of purchase.

Why do I need to pay separately to the laboratories?

Arogya Sewa’s aim is to lower the congestion and cross contamination in hospital and other public places. We want people with symptoms to sit at their homes and take the test. Hospitals and Laboratories are getting congested further causing cross contamination while testing several patients. So even if you do not have virus, visiting testing places can infect you. So we want people to take the test only when symptoms occur. So it will be wise to pay only when the testing is required.

My Arogya Account and Orders:

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. From our website you can visit our products page and begin evaluating what tests are currently available. When you find a test that is right for you, you can add the test to your shopping cart. The test kit is shipped within a couple of days after purchase. Once received, the test taker must register for it.
Please note that during the peak holiday season, we may experience up to 2-3 business day increase in processing times. If you have questions about a specific order, please email us directly at

How long does the testing process take?

Once your sample reaches the lab, they will begin processing the sample. Typically, you will see your results within 24 to 48 hrs of the lab having started the processing stage.
Shipping Rate Information: Shipping to our customers and return shipping to the lab is included in your purchase. We ship with Blue Dart

How to send my test kit to the lab after sample collection?

Your test kit will contain a plastic mailing bag and a prepaid shipping label. As outlined in the enclosed instructions, it is crucial that you write your name, collection date, and collection time (if required) on your sample. If you fail to include this information, your sample may be rejected by the lab. Place your sample into the provided biohazard bag and ensure it is sealed tightly. Place your sample back into the Arogya Sewa box and put the box inside the plastic return mailer. It is important that you use the appropriate shipping label. If more than one kit is ordered from your home, make sure you pack them separately and not together.

Our return shipping is temperature controlled.


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